Matrix-Product Edge-Message Toolkit

This is a toolkit for the simulation of stochastic dynamics on networks using the dynamic cavity method and a matrix-product representation for edge messages. The matrix product edge messages (MPEM) are generated in an iteration over time, including controlled truncations of low-weight components for efficiency.

If you use the code/method, please cite the papers introducing the employed MPEM algorithms:

  "The matrix product approximation for the dynamic cavity method"
T. Barthel
arXiv:1904.03312, pdf

  "A matrix product algorithm for stochastic dynamics on networks, applied to non-equilibrium Glauber dynamics"
T. Barthel, C. De Bacco, and S. Franz
Phys. Rev. E 97, 010104(R) (2018)

We'd be happy to help in case of questions and to collaborate.

Download:   MPEM toolkit version 1.0

(c) Thomas Barthel, 2019