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condensed matter theory and numerics

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Thomas Barthel
Department of Physics and DQC
Duke University
PO box 90305
Durham, NC 27708, USA

+1 919 660-2965
office 287

Research interests.

We are interested in many-particle systems. In particular:
  • Quantum condensed matter systems
    • Strongly correlated quantum matter
    • Phase transitions, criticality, and university
    • Nonequilibrium phenomena, open driven-dissipative quantum systems, and transport
    • Scaling and evolution of entanglement
    • Integrable models
    • Quantum computation and simulation for the investigation of quantum matter
    • Ultracold atoms in optical lattices
  • Stochastic dynamics in networks, rare events, and epidemic outbreaks
  • Tensor network state methods (TNS>(TPA=PEPSMPS=FCS)+(MERA>TTN))
  • Fundamental properties and information-theoretic aspects of many-particle systems
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence

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